My Best Weight Loss Advice…

My Best Weight Loss Advice…

I know that I post a lot about weight loss here on this site, and that is because most the questions I get from folks seems to be related on how to lose weight. So, with that noted, weight loss will be a major part of the theme for this site.

The process of losing weight is simple, yet it can certainly be challenging and here is why.

Most of the time folks “want” to lose weight, but “wanting” just is not enough. It certainly plays a role, but you must combine it with making choices or decisions. You see, losing weight is all about starting with a want or desire and then making choices. First, the choice or decision is that you will lose weight. And then choices that will back up your want and decision to effectively lose weight. Those additional choices are things like eating smaller portions when you feel like eating larger portions, exercising when you don’t feel like exercising, and tracking your caloric intake when you don’t feel like tracking them. These are just a few examples (the main ones).

To sum it up:

Make a decision to lose weight, and then make the right choices, even when you don’t feel like it.

One last note. Before I end this post, I do want to mention that what you want does play an important factor in you losing your desired weight. If your “want” to lose weight is bigger than your “want” to eat more than you know you should, not exercise when you know you should, and not track your calories when you know you should, you will be in heading in the right direction for losing weight.

A bigger want, plus right choices equals success.

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