Find your Motivation…

Find your Motivation…

An important step in fitness, beyond goal setting, is finding a “few” things that motivate you.
I find that motivation comes in many forms, so take some time to really think about it. Find what motivates you, and hone in, and focus on them.

Notice I mention a few. Sometimes I think when looking for motivation, we tend to look for a lot of things that will motivate us. The problem with this, is that we can often lose sight of the big picture when we are motivated by too many things.

My main motivator is fear. I am afraid getting an illness that I could potentially avoid, I am afraid that I will be frail when I am old, and I am afraid that I will limit myself. Fear drives me and motivates me to stay fit even when I go through times where waking up to run or workout is difficult.

My son, Cody, is another source of motivation for me. I want to set an example for him with regard to fitness, health, and wellness. By me staying fit, I am teaching him how important fitness is. When I want to cheat on my workout, I think of him and what it teaches him.

Motivation is very powerful and the right motivations are extremely powerful. Note, motivation does change over time. My main motivation when I was younger, was to be as big and strong as possible. While I still like being big and strong, that is no longer a source of motivation for me.

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