About Me



Okay, Okay, Okay, a little (a lot) bit about me…

I am a certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in fitness. I have a passion for life, a passion for fitness, and a passion for helping others.

I grew up in Northern California, and currently reside in Sacramento, CA.

I specialize is helping folks obtain their fitness goals and create life-long fitness habits.

My passion for fitness started my sophomore year of high school.  I took a Physical Education class that offered weight training. I thought “huh, this could be an easy class.”  It was not an easy class, but it did change my life forever.  The first week of the class, I was literally a train wreck.  I was clumsy with the weights, and weak compared to some (most) of the other kids.  However, after the first week, a spark ignited within me.  I started becoming less clumsy, and my strength was increasing.  About three weeks into the class, the instructor became my workout partner.  From then on, with his guidance, I started making gains in strength, conditioning, and my self-confidence.

Through the years, during difficult and challenging times, fitness was always my anchor.  Fitness was something that I not only loved, but seemed to excel at.  

I understand what it is like to be heavy.  While I may love fitness and being healthy, I was plagued with a super slow metabolism.  I gain weight extremely easy.  Couple that with an extreme sweet tooth and a fondness for eating, and it has been and can be disastrous for me.  For me, sustaining a healthy and ideal weight is a daily task that I really have to concentrate on.  I love fitness and I love exercising, so I know if it is a task for me to stay in shape, then for some, it may prove to be quite difficult.  That is why I have made it my main goal of making fitness simple and helping as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals! 

My Hobbies:

I enjoy real estate, reading, cycling, running, hiking, lifting weights, kayaking, technology, fishing, watching paranormal shows, garden railroading, and cooking.

A few fun facts about me:

I usually only sleep about four hours per night;

I exercise at 2:40 in the morning;

I have been to Paris once;

In high school, I raised a pig named nermal;

I have a major sweet tooth;

I hate swimming;

I would love to be a ghost hunter;

I am a geek (I love technology).