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Having Trouble Starting a Fitness Program? Small Changes Matter.

Having Trouble Starting a Fitness Program? Small Changes Matter Remember this, if you want to start a fitness routine, but are having trouble getting started, small changes matter. Making small changes to your current routine, geared toward fitness, add up and can help spark the changes you need. Example, if you have set a goal …

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Fat Loss Tip

Fat Loss Tip If you want to lose weight, focus on how many calories you are consuming during the day. Start tracking what you eat, and how many calories are in the foods you eat, and then write it down. Folks often think they have an idea of how many calories they are consuming; however, …

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Calorie Saving Tip

Calorie Saving Tip If you are watching your calorie intake because you are trying to lose or maintain weight, use hamburger or hot dog rolls to make your sandwiches. This will save you calories. This is a tip that I personally use all the time.

Food Prep-Tip

If you want to make quick and nutritious meals during the week, create a monthly menu and prep your meat sources that you will be using, once a month. Example- Once per month, cook up all your chicken that you will need (based off of your menu meals), place them in individual freezer bags, freeze …

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