Short Intro

My name is Jason and I am a fitness nerd, geek, ninja, Jedi, and enthusiast with a goal to help as many people as possible  reach their fitness goals.  Whether it be whole body transformations, losing just a little weight, losing a lot of weight,  gaining weight, maintaining weight, or just starting a fitness program, I am here to help.





My Mission

To help as many folks as possible achieve their fitness goals while making fitness simple, yet challenging.

My Services

Site Membership

The site membership contains free workouts plans, menus, recipes, eBooks, tips and much more.

I break fitness down in to three action items:

Eat right- You are eating the right amount of calories to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Attitude is right- You have the right attitude toward achieving your fitness goals.

Train right- You are training the right way to help you achieve your fitness goals.